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Diversity is the foundation of life. At the core of our research is the cross-pollination of ideas and expertise from different perspectives.

We are committed to nurturing a group of scientists with diverse life history and scientific backgrounds.

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Freeman Lan

Principal Investigator 

Assistant Professor, Institute of Biomedical Engineering

I spent undergraduate at University of Toronto dabbling in engineering, biochemistry, and microbiology before doing my PhD in high-throughput biology and synthetic biology in the UC Berkeley/UCSF Joint Graduate Program in Bioengineering. After two years working in industry with startup companies, I spent several years as a Postdoctoral fellow at UW Madison studying microbial communities of the human gut using in vitro culturing and computational modelling approaches. In 2023, I started as faculty at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto. My scientific interests are in innovating ultrahigh-throughput approaches to study microbial communities and in developing ways to precisely manipulate them.

Jann Aldrin Gamboa

Graduate Student

Institute of Biomedical Engineering

I am an incoming PhD student at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering @ U of T. I obtained my undergraduate degree also from UofT St. George, where I pursued a double major in Biochemistry and Pharmacology. My research interests and goals are in understanding and manipulating the gut microbiome using ultrahigh-throughput experimentation for therapeutic and other applications. Outside of research, I enjoy hiking, online gaming, and reading Filipino novels!


Tereza Blahova

Graduate Student

Institute of Biomedical Engineering

I am an incoming MASc student in the Institute of Biomedical Engineering. During my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto studying Pharmacology and Global Health, I developed an interest in interdisciplinary research which led me to pursue graduate studies in biomedical engineering. My research is focused on developing ultrahigh-throughput microfluidics approaches for single cell genomic sequencing to help us characterize and understand microbial populations. Outside of the lab, I love playing volleyball and ultimate frisbee, playing the violin, and painting.

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Tien Nguyen

Graduate Student

Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill
This quote resonates with me deeply, as it aligns with my main ambition. My love for engineering ignited when I was in grade 3. However, this passion truly blossomed during my Master's degree at National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan, shaping who I am today. After spending some time working as a former application scientist team member at Dolomite Microfluidic, I had the chance to learn and work with some of the most cutting-edge technologies available. However, as the saying goes, any party must come to an end. Now pursue my passion in Professor Freeman’s lab studying the latest microfluidic-related technologies and their real-life applications.


Alexander Soudmand

Undergraduate Researcher


I am a rising sophomore at Duke University pursuing a double major in biology and financial economics, hoping to concentrate in pharmacology/microbiology. I am extremely interested in the human gut microbiome and its role in treating diseases. Currently, I am researching various strains of Clostridium using murine models at the Duke Microbiome Center. Beyond academics, I love playing hockey/rugby, listening to Arctic Monkeys, and trying new food.

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Joseph Yeh

Undergraduate Researcher


I am an EngSci 2T7 at U of T intending to choose the Biomedical Systems Engineering. In the lab, I am currently looking into improving current single cell genome assembly techniques and creating new tools for studying the gut microbiome. Outside of academics I enjoy activities such as being part of the EngSci club, NAMUN, and the Iron Dragons dragon boat team. 

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Siddhartha Pahari

Undergraduate Researcher


I am undergraduate student at University of Toronto pursuing chemical engineering major with a minor in bio-engineering. Currently, I am researching on synthesizing wide array of Silica doped nanoparticle surfactants for microfluidic applications. My research is primarily focused on the synthesis and characterization of biomaterials, particularly in the context of biomedical engineering My interests include the development of nanoconjugates for targeted cancer treatment and advanced methodologies in photoluminescence and UV-visible spectroscopy. Beyond academics, I love to code and am a member of UofT UTRA Combat Robotics and UTMIST. I also love listening to classical music and trying out new food.

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