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We are an interdisciplinary group focused on developing and using ultrahigh-throughput experimental approaches to study complex biological systems.


Our primary technology platform is droplet microfluidics – using microfluidic channels to manipulate tiny droplets, we can conduct massive numbers of cellular/molecular assays using far less reagents and at rates far exceeding that of any pipetting robots or armies of undergrads.​ We combine droplet microfluidics with techniques in molecular biology, biomaterials, synthetic biology, and AI to generate cutting-edge approaches to studying complex systems.



Our primary biological system is complex natural microbiomes (such as the human gut microbiome), which contains hundreds of interacting microbial species in a dense microbial ecosystem (like a microbial rainforest). Leveraging our advanced microfluidics tools, we seek to understand and manipulate key microbes that have been found to have significant impacts on health, crops, and the environment.

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